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 The leaders hub wish to Congratulate Americans for their move to select their president. However its worth noting there should be room for opponents to expess their grieveness. We have recieve reports of irrregularities surrounding the election process but its need to be proven beyond casual say. The incumbent president has declared the election un acceptable hence cannot concieve defeat there is no conclusion until US court vindicate this election we can now know who truly won US 2020 presidential poll.

But for the moment Joe Biden President elect should also agree to allow court takes it decision on this matter. American is known for their stable and uncompromise history of good governance practice hence at this time the world looks up that US conducts approach appropriate steps to address the current political sagacity. 

The leaders hub urge American to make no mistake that can cause them fortune there is need for all American to avoid political sentiment, self-interest, and group interest but pursue overall American dream to safe the great wall of American and stir up confidence in developing nations like Nigeria and other African countries who have depend heavily on US supports.

The Leaders Hub hereby call on every proticols and concern US agency to act wisely and fast to safe and rescue the US electoral mandates and preserve CITIZEN wills and future.

from  the desk of CEO the leaders hub