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Integrity is doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. It is pearl for diligent and consist in choice field of life. It is not cheap but costly to earn. As a leader aspiring for greatness integrity should be your watch word sacrifice should be your chosen path and consistent your habits. Many people thinks integrity only begins from those occupying position in society that’s wrong you need paradigm shift, because it begins from you as parents your children can explain better on your dealing’s then to a group your peers should give good reports on your felt impact. Of course as a leader your reputation is at stake when you chose to ignore the urgent need for sense of accountability to people who elected you to power. As a leader your knowledge on subject matter is yardstick to measure your plane of integrity, this is because when the value of position is ignore then abuse of power is inevitable. As young leaders we need to embrace path of integrity for nation building and sustainable development that is my token.

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