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Have you ever thought about what it would be like to call God on the phone? Few people may have entertained that idea some time in their life. The idea seems exciting especially if you imagine the idea in a setting when there are hand held phones. That setting was some decades ago. However, let's imagine it differently. Imagine you went to church one of those rare Sundays you do and you met somebody who introduced himself as God. The first response you probably would give is "It's a lie." However, he ignores your unbelief and tells you to ask for a thing right then. You asked for your headache to be gone and it did. Then you exchanged some pleasantries with him and he gave you his phone number which you quickly saved as "my Pure Jackpot." On getting home, you quickly sent him a WhatsApp chat which read "Hello God." Then you went to Facebook to look for him and, voila, you saw his account and you sent a friend request. You didn't try Twitter and Instagram because you thought he wouldn't be interested in the cruelty and merchandise exported in those avenues. One..Two...Three days passed before he replied your Hello God. You thought "May he is busy." But you also imagined that he should have be keen to reply you first before any other thing. Then you managed to say "How are you doing, Sir?," and another 96 hours slipped away before he replied with an emotionless 'Fine'. Your request on Facebook was accepted after two years. I could almost say with certainty that you wouldn't have the fortitude to chat him again. This is basically the same thing some people do in their life and they wonder why they are ever stuck in one spot. We disregard some of the people God sent our way to help us. You draw a 'scale of assessment' that you subject everyone to. Most people would only respond to you if they have a need you could solve for them. Long ago, I invited a young man to an event which could have changed his life financially had he taken the opportunity but he turned it down immediately. His life is yet to change significantly. Many people fail in engaging their friendship proactively and therefore postpone the day of divine visitation for either themselves or others. Imagine someone were in a dire need and could die in a few seconds if you didn't help. Would the person live or die? Would the person get your help on time? Think about that. Sometimes, we say if it is important to him then he should call me and we never think that the means they used to reach us may be the only saving means for them. Action Point: Think about the friends you have and how much you could affect their lives with a simple text or a quick chat. Send it now without fail. Uzoma Chigozie is a medical doctor cum relational intelligence coach. He has been involved in teaching people leadership and relationship principles. He is married to his beautiful wife and lives in Anambra State