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Day 4 Nigeria Prize for Leadership Enters Day 4th

Emmanuel is a young man who have chosen to make indeliable impact doing orddinary thing in extraordinary way to transform lives, stir-up creative imagination and innovative works among emerging leaders. I have strong conviction i will get this better done as Atlas Corps. Reviewing through they seven (7) leadership core values is fortunate that this value is already embedded in me in the course of discharging my leadership role in both local and international communities serves. To this end Emmanuel have strong conviction through this fellowship he will gain invaluable experience in repositioning his communities in innovators most pressing challenge in business development. Again to support Atlas Corps work globally. Emmanuel looks forward in gaining expert-wise skills to contribute in building business culture sustainable and profitable to U.S and Nigerian entrepreneurs. Emmanuel will like to seize this opportunity to build effective network during and after the fellowship that will support his effort of Atlas team in raising exceptional business leadership. Emmanuel hope through this fellowship his determination for diversity and inclusive integration leadership skill will be enhance to solve small and medium business challenge in Nigeria. Also to have understanding of U.S business culture and value for successful career accomplishment

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