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Often, I ask myself some strange questions and that's how I get answers or at least I have more questions, waiting for answers. There is this widespread belief that you must be able to read people as a leader. One trait necessary to fulfill that role is a keen sense of perception. They say you cannot be a truly effective leader without the ability of human observation that peeks through the lens of keenness. So behind every action of many potential leaders is the desire to acquire this sense. These people become what I call "book worms." This goes on to create another aggressive sense of faultfinding in them. They cannot just see people and events around them to be harmless. For them, there is always a connotation that must driven into everything. They almost want to place themselves in the same class with the Infinite Intelligence (as Mr. Napoleon Hill calls God.) There is an explanation for everything and if you fail to pay that much attention to them, you could be subjected to the same crucible that dislodged dignity from others. However, I have found that people want to be cared for. Let me say this and I hope you learn it and, if need be, quote me: Your altitude is directly dependent on your attitude to life and your aptitude to the issues of life. You cannot grow bigger than your inner space kept for others. You will prove your desire for a better life by how much you exemplify love and warmth. Be a warm book that people can read off from. The great leadership guru,John Maxwell once said "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." This is the missing link in the world we have today. And I can dare say we created it to be so. However, if we choose a different line of action then we can change the narrative. Action Points: Make up your mind to add the quality of 'warm book' to your 'bookworm' life. Show people how much you care at all time. Don't let it be in election scenario only. The people you lead need to know that you care Uzoma Chigozie is a medical doctor cum relational intelligence coach. He has been involved in teaching people leadership and relationship principles. He is married to his beautiful wife and lives in Anambra State


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