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Outcomes of Nigeria President Lives Broadcast Yesterday

 Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari Address the protesters yesterday according to Mr. Peter and Media house journalist live broadcast instead of calming the situation rather it had accelarated more choas and disorderliness among the protester the presidency. Mr President to consider the demands if the protesters and further give no respect to the multiple killing few days in Lagos Nigeria. An eye witness during the scheme of the multiple killings wept at what they victims. The leadershub after much dialogue understand the mind of the protesters as follows

End to bad governance

Youth inclusive in leadership

Justice to crime parpetrators

Right to lives and expression

The leadershub is of uptimum view that the youth should be give a chance to form part of our nation policymaker and the youth should embrace peace in their approach in actualizing their proposed right and privileges.

From the desk of CEO The Leaders Hub