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Youth Empowerment Key for Nation Building


Based on Emmanuel Philosophy there is always room for continue growth and improvement that has guided him in designed entrepreneurship program to rescue youth from idleness, and social devices. Emmanuel first launch one of the series of this entrepreneurship empowerments program in 2017 until now it’s still expanding providing youth and employability skills. Until now 4500 have been trained successfully, 300 are still under apprentices while 500 applicants have just been successfully enrolled for the coming years program. Now we are on air, live and online we no doubt in the coming years will begins to include international applicants in our entrepreneurs grooming program holistically. Emmanuel after identifying that African has no much recognition as game changer in building innovator to build stronger system, he join Youthpower2 as Community of Practice (CoP) USAID funded entrepreneurship development program to achieve the above under Business and Entrepreneurship Private Sector Engagement (BEPSE) organized by Youthlead organization.

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