The Leaders Hub Flashlight

Notification of Graduation Ceremony of The Leaders Hub Trainees

 As a mentor here is the project overview In this project mentors will helm the 1-on-1 online mentoring track for our youth solutions, and they will provide continued advice and support to the young innovators aiming at refining and improving their investor deck. Coaches will be tied to a specific project under the IRP, and are expected to be able to commit their support to the role throughout the IRP’s 16-week timeframe. Allocation of Mentors to corresponding Innovators would be carried out by matching the Mentors’ areas of expertise with the specific SDGs targeted by the solutions included in the IRP. Through participation into our IRP, mentors again access to the Babele.co online platform, which provides access to real-time data about the status of the youth solutions they support and the work done by each team. The experts will be review the scaling strategies, provide their feedbacks and validate the different sections of the business development plan. The experts’ input can be easily made available to other Innovators enrolled in the program, fostering the sharing of best practices and knowledge transfer

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