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 Its no longer news the fundamentals human right of Nigeria citizens are neglected, undermined and consider minor in decision making. Today marks day 12 of ENDSARSNOW protest. NPL is worry over in inaction of governments to grant audience to the protesters, but attempts to stop the protest with recent posting of curfew in some states as well launching of crocodiles dances to intimate, and steer fears among the protesters. This move by government is total infringe to fundamental human rights as we can see on the scheme of killings of innocents peoples agitating for right for good governance for a great nation.

Our stands is to this

That Mr president should do the needful now to end this chaos and ensure dignity and santity is restore among the citizens 

Security head should use their office to restore the nation by profiling and punishing any officer directly or indirectly involve in the infringement of citizen right of protest.

Nigeria in home and diaspora should support efforts of Nigerian in bring end to this unanticipated situations and advice appropriate agency to act accordingly.

NPL believe welcome your reccomendation and suggestion how to get Nigeria stronger and stronger your views in any of our social media platform send us emali.