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 Owing to the need for sustainable environmental practices especially addressing specific issues which include overcrowding, substandard housing, and inadequate municipal services that characterize life for many arrivals to urban centers, I have always admired opportunities like this. I ‘m of the view this program is structure out for young talented African potential environmentalist who are passionate in restoring the natural resources lost due to unhealthy environmental practices. I am excited to spot this call for further study on our natural resources especially now almost half of or species have gone to exit. I am of utmost believe through the program will gain access to Global environmental best practice to channel into green businesses, culture relativism, learning environment also. I accord this scholarship high priority in attaining my professional goal in healthy collaboration between Nigerian Agro industries and European as well American Farmers through sustainability approach. A lots of our domestic food challenges like lack of effective and efficient storage facilities, access to larger market, customer options and lack of farmer vital innovation diffusion forms my core aim to take part in this expository program

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