Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact

Monday Leadership Orientation

 In transforming and creating social change in our communities our leaders ought to be sensitive to the needs of Nigerians so aa to conciously serve to entrench sustainable meaningful human and social development

There is no better time than now our nation as matter of urgent need to articulate and adopts prerequisite of transformational leaders as well put in place standarcs for mentoring successor leaders towards social transformation and national development.

Our leaders at all levels should upscale their role of agenda setting by creating a paradigm shift to enforce radical sensitization towards society change.

There is need for re-orientation and open education program for the next generational leaders to teach the emerging young leaders that leadership is never an entitlement non hereditary or genealogy but making deliberate positive imoact in the lives of peoples.

Leaders who imbibe the quality of selfless service, commitment and sacrifice tends to leaves a blue print of the leadership stewardship in the lives of people the lead such leaders are groom in Nigeria Prize for Leadership (NPL)